Apple Creek Place Highlight

Apple Creek Place Highlight

May 19, 2022 3:56 pm

One of the services we offer is Asset Management. Through this partnership with third party management companies and our ownership/investment groups, we help senior living communities through a variety of services, including:

Aligning the objectives of the ownership and management teams

Scheduling and facilitating strategic asset/portfolio meetings

Positioning and repositioning assets

Representing the owner’s overall best interests

You can learn more about our asset management services, stay up to date with all company happenings and learn more about our company by checking out our website.

Apple Creek Place Senior Living

Senior Living Community: Apple Creek Place Senior Living

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

SHC Services: Asset Management

Apple Creek Place Senior Living, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, is one of the communities we asset manage. Apple Creek Place offers several services, including assisted living, memory care and respite care. Our team at Senior Housing Consultants has helped facilitate this community’s long-term success by enhancing the community as a whole and ensuring it meets the needs of its current and future residents.

For more information about Senior Housing Consultants’ asset management services, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Senior Housing Consultants

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