Introducing Allison Law, Executive Vice President

Introducing Allison Law, Executive Vice President

July 14, 2022 9:00 am

Allison Law, Executive Vice President

Meet Senior Housing Consultant’s Executive Vice President Allison Law. Allison’s love for providing a comfortable and inviting home, along with exceptional healthcare and hospitality, began over 20 years ago when her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Prior to this, her grandmother was an amazing teacher for many years, a farmer’s wife and partner, and mother to 7 children. It was difficult for Allison to see the woman who had taught her, along with hundreds of other children, how to write; struggle with the disease and eventually not even know what a pencil was used for.

Allison’s experience in the Senior Living Industry was most recently as a Chief Operating Officer with oversight of over 70 Senior Living Communities throughout the Midwest. While in this position, she led the merge of 2 management companies in 3 months.

Allison has spearheaded multiple community transitions of overall operations with change in management companies to change in ownership groups. She has been very involved in new Senior Living developments, from identifying appropriate markets, creation and execution of 3-5 year pro-formas and securing investors. Allison’s area of focus with Senior Housing Consultants is the overall Asset Management for multiple ownership groups and she is an integral part of the consulting team in purchasing existing and turn-around communities. As the Executive Vice President, Allison’s “never settle” attitude makes her one of kind as she will always ensure superior care for the residents, with a profitable return for investors.

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