Introducing Mark Takes

Introducing Mark Takes

June 23, 2022 9:30 am


Mark Takes, Senior Consultant

If you’ve worked with Senior Housing Consultants before, you’ve probably had the pleasure of talking to Mark Takes, Senior Consultant. Mark is a cofounder of Senior Housing Consultants and has consulted developers, contractors, investors and long-term care providers for more than 20 years. Mark has assisted our clients with over 37 new Senior Housing Developments, 24 conversions of building use to Senior Housing, 23 Memory Care additions to existing senior housing communities and 10 Assisted Living Additions to Long Term Care Facilities. Mark has also completed over 40 Market Assessments and Financial Feasibility studies for clients across the nation. Mark’s areas of expertise include developing client relationships; assisting clients through market assessment, financial feasibility and business development; and facilitating the design and construction phases of senior housing projects, in addition to mentoring SHC staff in project management.

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Our Business Development Services Include:

  • Market Analysis: Providing market size, demographics and growth potential, as well as a competition analysis. May include market surveys.
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis: 3 year income pro forma. May include schematic design.
  • Community Program Design: Includes Memory Care additions and program changes, such as transitioning a facility to an Independent Living facility to an Assisted Living or Memory Care facility.
  • Project Development: Represent owner objects while procuring furniture, fixtures and equipment and providing construction oversight.

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